Visiting Pattaya Island with Family

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Pattaya Island is one of those destinations that many say that it is not viable for family vacations. It’s said that most people who go on holiday there are youngsters looking for just fun. Well, this notion should not stop you from arranging a vacation in this lively and beautiful island in Thailand with your family.

Are There Attractions for the Little Ones?

Pattaya has all that to offer and more which is what makes it a perfect destination for a family vacation. Whether there are young adults, toddlers and adults involved, there is much you can do and see in Pattaya. 

  • Explore the Dolphin World 

There are plenty of activities here at the Dolphin World. The little ones can go horseback riding, rock climbing and even get into the exciting water park rides. As they do this, adults can be enjoying relaxation at the spa. As if this is not enough, the Dolphin World offers what you would think when you first see its name. There is a lot of entertainment and shows by the trained dolphins to keep the whole family entertained

  • Pattaya Sheep Farm

This is an interesting place for the little ones to be in. It’s amazing how they got to explore the sheep farm. They do so on horseback where they get to see other animals. Another fun activity at the Pattaya Sheep Farm is singing nursery rhymes and the staffs here are amazing with kids. It’s also a good place to sample some exotic dishes in Thailand.

  • Pattaya Tuxedo Illusion Hall

This is best visited in the evening after the kids have engaged in numerous other activities. This is where the magic happens. There are magicians that will perform awesome tricks and its interesting how kids react to this.

Ramayana Water Park

This is an amazing attraction for the entire family. The advantage of visiting the Ramayana Water Park is that there are plenty of programs to choose from and they can be tailor made to suit your preferences. Some of the attractions here are such as wave pools, river cruises, water rides, waterfalls and a zone dedicated for kids. The entire family will have fun spending time in South Asia’s largest water park.

Pattaya is not only for the adults after Thailand’s party life and those seeking adventure, it is a perfect resort for families as well. It’s a destination that has something for everyone looking for a fulfilling vacation. Besides the beach life, there are other attractions, amusement parks and malls to keep everyone engaged. You also do not have to worry about accommodation as you will have plenty of options.