Reasons to Visit Picasso Musuem (Museu Picasso) in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a thriving city that is full of life. There are a lot of activities to keep you engaged. If you are a lover of art, there is one place that you cannot miss out visiting. This is the Picasso Museum that is located at the El Raval district in the city. The museum displays the work of Pablo Picasso an all-time famous artist. 

His Museum

Museum Picasso is dedicated to Pablo Picasso who lived and studied in the city and that is the reason it is based there. His work was greatly influenced by Barcelona and it’s evident that he also had a great influence in the city.

The Artworks at the Museum

There are varieties of artworks displayed at the museum as it is said to have over 3,800 pieces of work. There are permanent exhibits that you get to see and you will find temporary ones as well. Since the art is organized chronologically according to the artist’s career, you get to learn more about him from his first works to his highlights and last days. Some of the most noticeable pieces of artworks are the study of LAS Meninas, his blue period and his self-portraits. 

Permanent Collections

The permanent collections are no doubt what you must see at the museum. The Science and Charity, the Decadent Poet, the Fairground Stall, Las Meninas, the Portrait of Jaume Sabartes with ruff and cap and Minotauromachy Roofs of Barcelona are just some of the highlights in the museum by Pablo himself.

The Building is of Historical Importance

The buildings where the museum dates back to the 13th-15th centuries which gives them historical significance. Due to the fact that the museum holds thousands of artworks and exhibits, it occupies five townhouses that are located on Carrer de Montcada, Barcelona. Built-in the Catalan Civic Gothic style, it gives you more sense of what medieval Barcelona was like. 

At the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, you get to appreciate what Pablo Picasso had to offer. From the paintings, the drawings to the exhibits, the museum is a paradise for art lovers. All you need is time to explore the 5 townhouses that make up the museums and besides the collections, you also get to see what medieval Barcelona was like. It’s also interesting to learn more about the life of Pablo Picasso through his work.