Must-Have APPs for Traveling Abroad

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Like free exercise of friends must know that planning a trip need to do a lot of preparation, such as travel planning, ticket parity, booking, exchange rate query, language translation, etc., this time the mobile APP will be your best Partner it! The following are the essential travel APP, love self-help travel you can not miss it!


Skyscanner is the largest ticket price network, in addition to the web version, there are also introduced a convenient APP. You can use Skyscanner at any time to observe the price of air tickets, This APP will be listed on each flight information and price, can also use the number of flights, airlines, time and other filters to search for evaluation. After the party, you can direct the site to order tickets, very convenient.

Google Map

Speaking of travel essential APP, absolutely cannot fail to mention Google Map. In addition, to finding a variety of attractions location, you can also choose walking, driving, public transport, taxis and other transportation means the most suitable route planning. Alternatively, use the “My Maps” feature to mark where you want to travel and use layers to divide dates into maps that are specific to you.


When you want to go to the tourist destination, but no subway, bus and other mass means of transport, called the car will be the most convenient way. However, when the local car, often have a language barrier, do not know how to say that the station name or shouting and other issues, and Uber is your essential good partner! Just register an account, fill in some basic information and bind the credit card, you can start to use. This APP will be located in accordance with your location, enter the destination you want to go to the location, click the OK button, the driver will come and pick you Hello!


TripAdvisor is one of the largest travel information websites in the world, providing many restaurants, restaurants, sightseeing attractions and other information, which can make us reduce the chance of trapping! Although TripAdvisor offers a variety of information on many of the world’s tourist destinations, the presentation is relatively unimportant and is recommended for use with KKday Free Travel Strategy.


Funliday for Taiwanese launch is a practical planning travel planning APP. Maybe set according to the number of travel days, will want to put the attractions, want to change the process can also be directly dragging and moving. If you want travel companions plan itinerary can also be co-edited, while the APP also has a map mode, you can always grasp the location.


Speaking of self-help travel, I believe many people will collect a lot of information on the Internet or check the travel book, the information and arrangements made by the trip made an exclusive travel book, and many travelrs are using the strongest note on the surface of the software Evernote Make your own travel book you, Evernote can not only cut and paste the web, there are calendar templates, brushes, maps and other complete features, so you save an APP a book weight!

Minimal Exchange Rate

For overseas shopping abroad, the calculation of the exchange rate is very important, and I want to recommend the minimum exchange rate, the interface design is simple and good operation, the common exchange rate and computer combined into a single page, you do not need to switch or slide the page will be direct Convert currencies up to four countries, very convenient!

Travel Translator

This app is available in multiple languages ​​and is therefore ideal for travel to and from any country and is available offline. Each language option, there are different types of sentences and words, do not know how to pronounce words, but also pronunciation demonstration, very convenient. If you have favorite words and sentences, you can add directly to the favorites, the urgency of the next words can immediately find out, let you communicate more smoothly!