How To Travel The World When You Have No Money

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When someone mentions traveling, people always think of big costs and thanks to that thought – they give up traveling. However, it doesn’t have to be that way because traveling is not always an expensive activity if you are smart.

By smart, we mean – able to manage the little money you have and earn some more while traveling. Travel and earn money – every person’s dream. However, not everyone has the courage to pack their backpack and hit the road!

Are you courageous enough to hit the road today and live your dream? If yes, keep reading and learn how to travel the world when you have no money and make some while traveling!

Try camping or house sitting to save your money for accommodation

Camping is the cheapest way to ensure your accommodation while traveling. However, be careful when picking your spot and keep yourself protected from possible dangers like wild animals or human attacks. Aside from camping, you can also choose house sitting.

Just find a family on the road who needs help with something around their house or keeping pets. In exchange, you can ask for a free meal and a room where you can spend the night. Be careful when picking a family and keep in mind that not everyone will welcome you with open arms.

Teach people something you know or build something in exchange for free accommodation or money

Are good at building something or know a rare language? Why not teach people something you know or build something for them on your traveling? In exchange, you can ask for a free room or earn some money.

Get a seasonal work, part time work or become a freelancer

Bartending, cleaning, preparing food, washing the dishes is not a shameful work. On the contrary, it can bring you some money on your travel and maybe a place to stay. However, let’s not forget about freelancing – the most popular way to earn money today. If you’re good at writing, design or programming, online working platforms will be happy to help you find a job. All you need is to bring your computer in your backpack on your travel, find free wi-fi and dedicate a few hours of your day to finding and completing online jobs.

Rent your house or apartment while you’re traveling

It’s one of the smartest things to do that can bring you some money while you’re on the road.

Use auto stop to get cheap or free rides

Although it sounds cool, it’s also dangerous, so you need to be super careful when using auto stop.

Always keep an eye on cheap plane tickets and use your credit card points

Book cheap flights and stop being so picky about the dates. Also, you can use your credit card points when buying tickets.

Be positive! Be fearless! Be smart!

Never think of the worst possible scenario. Never fear to take a chance. Keep it simple and smart!