How To Travel Across The Globe On A Low Budget

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Majority of people love to travel, have new experiences and enjoy what the world has to offer. It is a great way to live life but too many, this remains a dream simply because they cannot afford it. There are affordable options that when you take advantage of them, you will wish that you had done so earlier.  


There are low seasons in the travel industry, there are cheaper but comfortable accommodation options and there are even attractions that will cost nothing to visit.  


  • Save on Air Ticket 


You can save a lot of money for your dream destinations on your airline tickets. Take for example there are low seasons when the flights are cheap, airlines give offers from time to time and you can also combine all your flights into one ticket which is much cheaper than having to book separate tickets.  


  • Get Affordable Accommodation  


There are plenty of options that you will have on accommodation. The industry has evolved in a great way and things have changed. There are hostels that are quite affordable, some homeowners convert some of their rooms to offer accommodation at pocket-friendly prices and there are also walkways among many other options.  


You can do a proper research on the options you have in all the destinations that you will be visiting. If you will be going somewhere that you can camp, take the option and save lots of money.  


  • Make Use of Public Transport 


Using public transport is another great way to enjoy traveling around the world without breaking the bank. Although you might have more flexibility in hiring a car or a cab, using public transport is a better way to learn more about the locals and the destination at large. 


You can also rent a bike and get around visiting the must-see sites. Public transport is affordable and a great way to get around but this is best in countries where they have a reliable public transport network.  


  • Try Street Foods 


Some destinations have a culture of eating street food. When you travel to a new destination, in most cases you will be dining in expensive restaurants eating exotic foods. A great way to experience the best delicacies of a destination is trying different types of streets foods that are also more affordable in huge restaurants. Eating and drinking can consume a lot of money when you travel but this does not have to be.  



  • Visit the Free Sites 


Almost all cities have that free attraction site that is a must visit. Learn about the free attraction sites that you can visit and ensure that you visit them.  


When traveling, it is important that you plan the trip months or even years prior especially when working with a tight budget. Plan your destinations according to your interests and budget since some are more expensive than others.  


Some cities have tourist cards whereby you can enjoy discounts on transport, shopping, dining, and attractions. Take advantage of this if available.