Exciting Things to See and Do in Papua New Guinea

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Despite Papua New Guinea not being as popular as many other tourist destinations, it still has incredible activities and sights to offer to its visitors. Besides scuba diving and fishing, visitors have the opportunity to go kayaking and enjoy nature hikes among other activities.

Visit the Bomana War Cemetery

This is a unique cemetery in the country where the ANZAC Day Memorial service takes place annually on April 25th.  It Commemorates Australian and New Zealanders who were killed during World War II. Hundreds of servicemen during World War II are buried here. What makes it unique in Papua New Guinea is its Stone of Remembrance and white marble headstones that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

Port Moresby Nature Park

Whether you are a nature lover or not, you will enjoy being at the Port Moresby Nature Park. The park is home to thousands of orchids, varieties of native plants and wildlife such as reptiles and kangaroos. You can enjoy this and much more by taking a walk on the boardwalk.

Asaro Mudmen

This is a unique site for every tourist to the country. This only happens in the village of Asaro where a scene that took place years ago is recreated. During this time, men wear grey mud masks and cover themselves in the mud. It is said that this is an incident that happened during a war, and the rivals came out of the Asaro River covered in mud.

Scuba Diving

If you love watersports, besides swimming and kayaking, you can go scuba diving. There are several wreck dive sites that offer an incredible experience to divers. There are wreck ships, barrier reefs, wrecked submarines, aircraft, incredible marine diversity, and coral walls. 

Kokoda Trail

If you are up for a challenging hike, you should be ready to take one at the Kokoda Trail. Along the 96km of the trail, you learn about World War II where hundreds were killed and enjoy scenic views of the dense rainforest.

Papua New Guinea is rich in tourist attraction sites and activities despite having little tourism infrastructure. From offering incredible scuba diving experience, water activities in its over 600 volcanic islands, the national museum, and gallery, a walk on the Kokoda Trail, the Port Moresby Nature Park and a view of the Asaro Mudmen, there is a lot that the country has to offer.