10 Unforgettable Travel Destinations You Didn’t Know Existed

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Have you started planning your holidays yet?
Do you dream of a place different than anything else you have already been to?
Are you ready for new adventure?

If your answer is „yes”, keep on reading and start packing up your bags! In today’s article I am gonna present you 10 absolutely unforgettable travel destinations you didn’t know existed! Get ready and there we go…

1. Pokhara, Nepal

If you are a nature lover, there is no better place to feel more connected to Mother Earth, than in Pokhara. This picturersque town, located in the foothills of Annapurna Mountains, is one of the most beautiful places on our planet. Apart from the breath-taking view on the Himalayas, Pokhara region is also rich in magical lakes and hidden caves where all Nepalese legends took their inspiration from.

2. Rishikesh, India

Do you fancy yoga and healthy lifestyle? If so, then Rishikesh should be on your „must-go” list this year! This little town is a real gem for everyone hoping for peacful holidays. I promise that, it’s a place where you will find yourself surrounded by nature and positive people!

3. Cracow, Poland

Full of history and beautiful architecture, Cracow is definitely a place to see, if you don’t mind big cities. Street artists, delicious food and cheap beer – all you need to make your holidays an unforgettable adventure!

4. Trogir, Croatia

Travelling on a budget? Croatia should be your number one, when planning cheap holidays in Europe. Trogir is a historic town, arranged with parks and surrounded by the sea from all sides! Long walks by the seaside, accompanied with a glass of red wine, is what you can find here!

5. Rimini, Italy

If you love to party, this place is where you need to be in the summer. Rimini is most famous for its crazy beach parties and giant, mouth-watering Italian pizzas. It’s a perfect holiday destinations for everyone loving good fun and Italian cuisine!

6. Mallaig, Scotland

Is trekking your thing? If you are not scared of the rain and you enjoy drinking craft beer in a good company – include Mallaig on your list! This beautiful Scottish village is surrounded by ever green hills and is the last stop of Hogwarts Express! Go to Mallaig and I guarantee, that you will fall in love with Scottish nature and local people! Remember to pack your hiking gear!

7. Rügen Island, Germany

You can get here by boat or by ferry and you will never want to leave! This magical island offers over 60 km of sandy beaches and scenic views of the Baltic Sea. You will find here romantic and luxurious resorts, as well as, quiet fisher villages full of history and magnificent landscapes. Don’t hesitate and book your holidays in Rügen this year!

8. Valldemossa, Spain

One of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca, Spain. Surrounded by Tramuntana Mountains, Valldemossa is perfect for everyone looking for a quiet place to rest. It’s a traditional Spanish town, full of charming, narrow streets, old houses and kind people. It’s also a must-visit place for bikers and nature lovers!

9. Luang Prabang, Laos

Perfect place for anyone who is looking forward to sighseeing ancient temples during the day and enjoying delicious, local food in the evening. It is not a place to be missed while travelling around Laos! Check it out and I swear that you would not want to leave!

10. Robe, Australia

Australia is known for its magnificent landscape and picturesque beaches. If you are looking for a perfect holiday spot, where you can enjoy the swim in the ocean all by yourself, head to Robe! It’s a real hidden treasure, where you will find peace and friendly locals inviting you to share with them a beer… or two!